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Bassinet/Preemie AR Pillow

30 degree pillow and/or 15 degree pillow.

Pillow Size: 14″W x 18.5″L x  10″H 30 Degree Bassinet  and 14″W x 18.5″L x 5″H 15 Degree Bassinet the 14″ width fits most bassinets.
Preemies and multiple-birth babies are more likely to suffer from acid reflux, gastroesophageal reflux (GER) colic, and failure to thrive conditions. The preemie pillow wedge is smaller than the regular baby pillow. It is shown on the left side of the photo alongside the regular Baby AR Pillow. Again, the 30-degree angle wedge is the ideal angle for “failure to thrive” premature babies who suffer from acid reflux, colic, GERD, etc. This pillow is ideal for relieving reflux naturally in newborn premature babies 3-10 lbs.


Original price was: $99.99.Current price is: $79.99.


The Bassinet/Preemie AR Pillow is a versatile and unique product- different from most every product on the market today. WHY?

  • The wedge comes in EITHER a 15 Degree Angle and 30 Degree Angle.  You can buy BOTH the 15 degree and 30 degree wedges for a little extra money.
  • Soy Based foam wedge.
  • The harnesses come in 3 sizes and they are not weight or age based.  The size depends on the length of the Torso (see below)
  • The harness fastens around baby’s waist, then the harness comes up between baby’s legs and across the chest under the arms to prevent the baby from sitting up, rolling over or sliding down.
  • Removable head support- this should be removed when the baby can hold their head up or tries to sit up.
  • Easily removed piece parts for washing.
  • The baby can be placed Supine (flat on the back), Reclined or Prone for Tummy Time activities.
  • The Bassinet/Preemie AR Pillow can be placed in Bassinet and/or  Crib with the stability tabs securely fastened to crib rails providing additional stability.
  • Or no Bassinet or Crib necessary.  The stability tabs can be attached to chair legs while baby hangs out with the family in the Living Room.
  • Remove the harness and head support and it become a wedge pillow for anyone in the family.
  • Highly recommended by NICU medical professionals

Pillow Size: 14″W X18.5″L X 10″H 30 Degree Bassinet  and 14″W X18.5″L X 5″H 15 Degree Bassinet the 14″ width fits most bassinets.  Wedge pillow cover and harness are made of quilted cotton/poly material.  The cover zips off for easy cleaning.  The pillow sheets are 100% cotton.  The Pillow is filled with a plant based, Soy foam wedge.  All AR Pillow products are assembled in the USA.
The package includes: Wedge Pillow (choose 15 and/or 30 degree height) , Head support, Medium Harness & 1 Pillow Sheet
Harness size is not weight based. It is length of torso that matters to safely hold baby and prevent they from sliding down the pillow or rolling over.

Small Harness-Bassinet   up to 8 inch Torso length- measured from between baby’s legs to chest – just below the armpit.
Medium Harness-Bassinet   up to 11 inch Torso length- measured from between baby’s legs to chest – just below the armpit.
Large Harness-Bassinet   up to 13 inch Torso  length- measured from between baby’s legs to chest –  just below the armpit.







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