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Genie Rogers MA CCC-SLP, BRS-S Speech Supervisor of Step by Step Early Intervention Program, the Board Recognized Specialist in Swallowing and Swallowing Disorders- Downstate SUNY Hospital.
– A Prominent Pediatric Feeding Specialist

As a pediatric feeding specialist I see many babies and children who suffer from the short and long term effects of gastroesophageal reflux disease. The short terms effects are physical growth failure, pain, crying, discomfort and vomiting. The long term effects include feeding refusal with continued physical growth failure and inadequate intake of solids and liquids to sustain adequate growth.
I have tried for many years to help these babies and toddlers feel more comfortable during the day and sleep with less disturbances at night through proper positioning. The AR Pillow is here at last, an easy to use , fully adjustable and easy to keep clean pillow to provide comfort through proper positioning. The pillow’s adjustable sizing allows a single pillow to work the baby growing into toddlerhood and beyond.
The harness is adjustable using strong Velcro attachments and maintains the child safely at the necessary 30 degree angle. It is parent and child friendly in size with an easy to remove washable cover

Rachel Adkins
I don’t think they (the Doctors and Nurses) understand that every day and night my daughteris in a lot of pain and discomfort from the GERD and Sandifer’s Syndrome. It hurts so bad to see my baby in pain or having a seizure. We had to flown by helicopter from our local hospital to Loma Linda Children’s Hospital and we had to sleep in our car for a week because I wouldn’t leave her alone there. It seems that the doctors out here don’t think that natural remedies work, they just keep giving her medications and I don’t want my two month old baby girl on so many drugs. I have used the pillow for a few days now and I would say it has made a “HUGE” difference.

Liz you are another person that has touched our lives in way that I can’t bring to words. I’m so thankful for your time, understanding and al your help you have done for my family. These last two months have been the hardest two months of my life.. We should be enjoying every second with our new baby girl Andi but instead we have been worried and scared to death in the thoughts that our daughter has to go through such pain and discomfort. Please know you have brought so much relief and positive hope I can’t thank
you enough!!! Again thank you!!!
Andi’s mother Rachel

Thought I would share this with you.
This is Grant completely “out” and comfy.
Amanda Pate
This-N-That Designs


Thank you so much
Baby reflux relief and colic relief from infant reflux Thank you so much. We received the AR Pillow just a few days after placing the order. After three nights sleeping on the AR Pillow, my three month old son began sleeping through the night. Prior to purchasing the AR Pillow, he was sleeping in his swing and he looked so uncomfortable. He seems so much happier being able to stretch out. Thank you so much for helping my son sleep and making my house a happier place.
Jennifer Harding

Good Afternoon Lori,
My name is Tiffany Hail and I spoke to you this morning about our AR Pillow as well as.  I wanted to share my story with you, because this pillow has truly made a huge impact on our lives.  She is now going into the Large harness and to think we started with the Small harness.
Our daughter, born on April 18, 2013, has GERD.  When we brought her home from the hospital we noticed that she would make “grunting” noises when she was sleeping on her back.  We noticed that she was uncomfortable and not sleeping well AT ALL.  We brought up our concern to our pediatrician, who told us that she might have some reflux issues, but not to worry.  We continued to notice how uncomfortable she was, and soon realized that something was seriously wrong.  Anytime she was flat on her back, she would have issues.  We never felt comfortable laying her on her back, so we ended up having to sleep with her in our arms at an angle.  Naps were the same…she was either in our arms or in her baby carrier. Needless to say, we didn’t get any rest.  At about 8 weeks, she began vomiting non-stop and choking.  She couldn’t keep anything down.  We took her to the pediatrician, and was informed that she might have a stomach bug.  We ended up taking her to the hospital after our pediatrician informed us that we needed to check for pyloric stenosis (after she ruled out the stomach bug).  Luckily, she did not have pyloric stenosis, but we were informed that she had a severe case of GERD.  We were told by the nurse and doctor, “NEVER lay your baby flat on her back.  Always keep her at a 30 degree angle.”  We followed up with our pediatrician and specialist, who both told us that we should get her a “wedge” to sleep on.  After many google searches, I found the AR Pillow.  I purchased a 30 degree pillow as well as a 15 degree pillow.  She sleeps on the 30 degree pillow and we place the 15 degree pillow under her changing pad to elevate it during diaper changes.  (We were to the point of having to prop her on pillows to change her diaper.)

People don’t truly understand how much this condition can effect your life.  As stated above, our baby chokes when she refluxes.  The mucus/saliva/formula gets caught in her throat and nasal cavity…and her body closes off her airways to prevent the material from going into her lungs.  Her body stiffens, she arches her back, and she can not breathe.  It’s absolutely horrible and very scary.  We have to constantly watch her and be ready to suction her nose and throat.  Nightime is the worst.  She seems to have her most issues when she is tired.  We have noticed a significant difference in her “episodes” since we received the pillow.  Not only does she sleep much better…but so do we.  This pillow has been a LIFESAVER.  I don’t think that people understand the severity of this condition.  Everyone seems to think that it’s “spit up” and it’s normal when your describe it.  (I had to finally take a video to show people)  Until you are a mother or a father of a baby that has this condition and you see your child choking and not being able to breathe…you will see how much the “30 degree angle means”… especially when they’re sleeping.  You will never lay your baby down flat on their back.  We have to do several things to monitor and help with her condition (thicken her formula, special formula…Neocate, etc.), but it gives us peace of mind to know that she is safer and sleeping better on the AR pillow.
Thanks again for putting this product out there.
Tiffany Hail

Wow, wow, wow!
Pillow arrived … What a dramatic result! We are soooo excited about this. Baby slept 2 nights in a row now for 6 and a half hours – previously was only going max 3. Seems a lot happier in the day also now. You saviour! Our pediatrician was very excited about this too!
Many thanks – Ben

I am completely happy
with the Baby AR Pillow.  I showed the information to my sons doctor.  He was so impressed that he is going to recommend the AR Pillow to other parents.  
My six week old son suffers with GER.  Prior to ordering and receiving the Baby AR Pillow, my son and I were averaging about 45 minutes of sleep a night.  He was miserable and so was I.  After receiving the Baby AR Pillow he now sleeps in 4 hour stretches.  He is more content and less irritable. He is rested and happy and so am I!  Thank you AR Pillow!
Jessica H

Just wanted to send
a testimonial for your product…I’ve been meaning to do this for a long time…I don’t know if you remember me, but I called you crying that day (at the end of December 2007) I took my son’s AR Pillow out of the box and he took his FIRST 2 and a half hour nap.  I promised I would write you, so here it is….THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU a million times over!!!!!!

My son suffered from acid reflux
from the first week after we brought him home from the hospital.  The first couple of months were very difficult…He would sleep for no more than an hour and a half then wake up crying during the night.  Many nights, however, it was worse than that…waking up 10-20 minutes after we would lay him down.  Naps were few and far between as well.  He was very uncomfortable.  I read about the tucker sling and other reflux wedges and came across your product and decided that it was the most economical, and I would waste the LEAST amount of money if it didn’t work (being the sleep-deprived skeptic I was at the time).  I purchased the product when my son was 7 weeks old and it came in just a couple of days.  I took it out of the box, laid it in his crib and strapped him in for a nap, totally expecting him to wake up in 10-20 minutes…He slept for 2 and a half hours!  He also went to sleeping 6-8 CONTINUOUS hours at night immediately.  We continued using the wedge until he was 8 months old (by that point he was sleeping 11-12 hours at night with two 2 hour naps during the day).  We traveled with it (it fit perfectly in his pack and play) and even took it to daycare every day!  Now at 11 months, he is doing fine without it, but I tell everyone I know with babies suffering from reflux that this was the BEST solution for sleep problems caused by acid reflux.  It was also great for keeping him upright after feeds until he could sit up by himself.  Thank you for making such an economical and WONDERFUL product!
Lisa Murrey
Beaver Dam, KY

THANK YOU for creating such a wonderful product.
Thank you …I just put my little girl in her crib…she has been in there for over an hour and only fusses when her pacifer falls out….has not happened in anything but her swing or her car seat since she came home from the hospital!!!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU for creating such a wonderful product.

I purchased this wedge through your company before and my 10 week old son loves it! I dont know what I would do without it! I am traveling back east to visit my parents, so i thought it best to purchase another and ship it to their house (rather than travel with it!). THANKS SO MUCH!!

Thank you again for creating this pillow
Aloha, My friend, Kimiko, received her pillow on Saturday. Thank you so much for all of your assistance and prompt responses to my requests. Kimiko’s 3-month old girl is now a lot more comfortable as the result of her new AR Pillow, as she recovers from her near-fatal meningitis. Thank you again for creating this pillow and for all of your help…
Monica Yasuda

We are just THRILLED and can’t say enough good things so far
Can we just tell you….. We received our pillows yesterday and we are SO pleased with them!! Chloe slept almost 5 hours already last night in one shot while on the new pillow!!! That is the largest solid block of sleep she has had since she got here (she’s 11 weeks old)!!! We are overjoyed! We are just THRILLED and can’t say enough good things so far. We are happy also how the pillow is heartily constructed . . . so very durable. We were pleasantly surprised!
Daycare was happy to see it too this morning and we are SO glad Chloe doesn’t have to sit/sleep in her carseat another day all day long. Thanks again for developing this product!! We are elated we can help our little girl find some comfort while she fights this awful reflux!! Have a GREAT weekend!!
The Thompson Family

My baby likes to be in the pillow   
Thank you very much for your shipment..It arrived today, 30 of june and so far…. it looks that my baby…likes to be in the pillow serene and calm… Thank God…. because all this days she had more or less….hard days with her reflux…
Best Diciembre Aguilar

We appreciate your invention of the ARPillow
I just wanted to write you and let you know how much we appreciate your invention of the ARPillow. Our four month old daughter has severe silent reflux and finding a wedge or any type of elevated product was almost impossible. Most were only elevated at 10 degrees. Plus they had no type of strap device so she could have rolled all over the crib.
She’s also highly picky about what she likes. She hates the swaddle because she can’t move her arms and legs and she will not take a pacifier. So I was worried if she’d really take to the ARPillow but the first night we put her in it she slept like an angel. Now she’s been in it a full week and when it’s time for bed and we put her in it she smiles at us. She had been sleeping in her car seat as that was the only thing that was elevated high enough for her. We’re so grateful to you and we’ll be showing your website to our pediatrician so they can let other parents of children w/ reflux know about this wonderful product! Thanks so much!
From Kelly & Keira, Atlanta, GA

Thanks for making this pillow
Hi– I purchased an infant AR Pillow a little over a week ago and have used it the past 3 nights. Its magical! My baby has slept through the night all three nights, which he has never done before in the 18 weeks he’s been alive! Thanks for making this pillow. Its fantastic! 

The AR Pillow is great!
I have to say in all honesty that I was a bit skeptical that it would actually work, but have been totally bowled over. We have gone from having a baby that screamed day and night and never slept for more than an absolute maximum of 3 hours to a baby who sleeps for 12 hours.
Instead of being miserable she is now happy and rested during the day as well. We honestly feel like we have got a new child and have fallen in love with her all over again. When Ruth starts crying now it is a totally different (and much quieter) cry and we know it is something simple like she is hungry rather than pain, and more importantly we know can sort it our pretty quickly that it will stop. Before she would start crying and we knew it could last for hours. I was depressed and permanently stressed wondering when the next bout would start. We really, really cannot thank you enough for totally changing all of lives. The whole family is now so much happier and … we would do anything we can to prevent other families going through the months of hell that we did!

Baby AR Pillow
infant acid reflux wedge like Tucker Sling. This is very similar to the Tucker Pillow. We used this pillow for my baby for a couple of months and it worked WONDERS for her reflux symptoms

I can’t tell you how pleased
we have been with the AR Pillow. We purchased it about 3 weeks ago.  It arrived quickly and our now 11 week old baby slept from 11pm until 4:30 am the first night he slept on it (he had been sleeping on my chest in a recliner and waking every 21/2 to 3 hours).  He is now sleeping consistently from 11pm until 6:30 or 7 everyday.  We feel human again! Furthermore, we are still able to use our Angel Care Monitor (it has a movement monitor as well as sound and detects the slight movement of his breathing and sounds an alarm if it does not detect that movement) with the wedge so we get both sleep and peace of mind.  I’ve never written a testimonial for a product before but this has been a life saver!  Our older son had reflux as well…I only wish we had found this product four years ago!
Thank you,
Tara (a well rested mom)

I just wanted to say
when I ordered the pillow I was skeptical on it working for my baby. I bought the pillow when he was around 2 months old, from a week old he would spit up constantly after feedings and always, always got hiccups and had mucous in his nose. I cut out some foods from my diet (caffeine, chocolate, and citrus), followed babywise book, held him up during and after feedings and started having him sleep on your pillow.  He slept through the night! He is now 3 months old and sleeps on it for all naps.  When I tried him sleeping a nap without it, he wakes up early from spitting up.  Your pillow has been a life saver! He and I are a lot happier now. I also wanted to say that I can bring the pillow to other locations for his naps and it is a source of familar comfort to him. Thank you! It was well worth every penny spent.