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A Note From the Inventor

Dear Friend,

The picture above is my son Aidan Reyher in the original AR Pillow, made back in early 2003.  My son is 8 months old in this picture he loved this pillow.  It saved my sanity.  He still sleeps on one today.  The entire line of AR Pillow products have been developed to help my family and many products came about because of the thousands of people who have called me over the years and made suggestions or told me of the issues they where encountering.  

Have you heard the expression “necessity is the mother of invention”? If yes, please know that my story and the story of this baby reflux relief pillow is a perfect example of this adage.  And, the most important news I have for you is this, IT IS NOT YOUR FAULT! And, if your baby has reflux or colic, you are not alone. Please read along so I can share my own misfortune and tell you how I turned it all around. My greatest wish is to share what I learned in order to help you!

First, my newborn son was diagnosed with acid reflux (colic) he was only one week old at the time. I was an absolute nervous wreck because a family member’s baby had recently died from SIDS* The talk of the family was that the cause of the SIDS in this baby was believed to be related to baby reflux! Of course, I became terrified this would happen to MY son! Needless to say, I took the infant reflux diagnosis VERY seriously! (*SIDS stands for Sudden Infant Death Syndrome)

To help MY son’s reflux (colic), my pediatrician advised holding my son at a 30 degree angle for a half hour after every feeding. However, MY baby moved around too much. This was not going to work for long! I tried propping him up on pillows but he kept wiggling off, in the meantime, he cried and cried and cried and cried, endless crying, non-stop crying, what to do ?!

Well, wouldn’t you cry if you were in that much pain? And, it didn’t help that I kept feeling like a lousy mother. Out in public, I actually became a bit paranoid, convinced that everyone was looking at me wondering why I couldn’t get my baby to stop crying. Why were all the other moms able to soothe their babies? What was wrong with me? I just felt exhausted, frustrated, and helpless AND FAT! (p.s. – I did NOT feel this way with my daughter who was born first  – you are probably correct, she did NOT have these problems)

My doctor’s next suggestion was to elevate my son at an angle by using a car seat. This made MY son’s condition MUCH worse! (I didn’t know it at the time, but medical research proves that the way a car seat squishes a baby’s stomach actually makes the problem worse. This is because: 

1) it is unlikely the position from the car seat is the correct angle and 

2) the car seat actually forces the baby’s stomach acids upwards – clearly, this worsens the problem! See Orenstein S. Whitington P The Infant Seat as Treatment for Gastroesophageal Reflux, New England Journal of Medicine, Sept. 1983.

While talking to many friends with new babies, I discovered that many of their babies were also suffering (or did suffer) from varying degrees of newborn baby reflux and colic. We all did some research, but none of us were able to find a decent, safe product to position our babies to 30 degrees and give them relief from reflux.

This seemed to be a much bigger problem with no easy solution. Therefore, I absolutely HAD to create the first AR Pillow wedge positioning product (after all, my thinking at the time was “someone HAS to do it” so “it might as well be me”)!

My greatest desire for you is that you try the AR Pillow for your baby and get your life and your sanity back! You will be in great shape even if it helps you 10% as much as it helped my son!

And guess what, my son never outgrew his reflux, but did he outgrow his baby reflux pillow at 2 years of age (side note: the design for the Baby AR Pillow safely positions babies up to to 26 pounds – approx. 2 yrs of age – my son now sleeps using a Child/Adult AR Pillow).
MY son was sooo much happier while using the AR Pillow for Babies Positioning Reflux Wedge… aaaaahhh,  REFLUX RELIEF at last.

Thank you for visiting our website and I hope today is a profitable day for you! Please feel free to call – You can reach AR Pillow Toll-Free at 1-888-44-COLIC (1-888-442-6542) (from outside the U.S., please call 516-883-1275)

Best Wishes,