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Pictured Above: Liz G., Founder of A.R. Pillow and Family

Millions suffer from acid reflux, GER, heartburn, post-surgical discomfort worldwide. We are all about assisting those individuals who are interested in natural solutions. Keyword: Natural! Our team searches the world to find Natural Reflux Relief products that are safe, cost effective and WORK! There are many reasons why we prefer “Natural” solutions – we’ve included an article below to give you some insight as to why the products we feature have NO harmful side effects!

From Globe: Acid reflux meds: inappropriate for kids? Long term use of PPIs (proton pump inhibitors) to treat chronic heartburn and acid reflux can result in bone-loss and low magnesium levels which can trigger seizures, irregular heartbeat, and muscle spasms.

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Proton Pump Inhibitors (PPIs) – For those individuals who choose to relieve reflux using PPIs, we have unfortunate news for you… see The New York Times article here:

So basically you will find that we don’t like the idea that in order to “help” something, we need to “harm” something else? No! Unacceptable!

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