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AR Pillow products have been designed in conjunction with leading pediatricians and feeding specialists to relieve reflux and colic safely and naturally! The entire line has been reviewed for safety by product engineers. Our method of elevation provides the most natural sleeping position available on the market. Because of this, AR Pillow is used by many NICUs and hospitals in the US and overseas. The natural sleeping position we have created facilitates a smooth transition from the AR Pillow to your baby’s crib or bed … the easiest transition available on the market. Patent Protected.

AR Pillow products have superior design and styling – with economies of scale built into the production lines in order to provide you with an affordable cost-effective and natural solution to relieve acid reflux! Patent Protected! This is why no one can create a pillow like ours!

Don’t just take our word for it … and certainly don’t listen to some on-line competitor who isn’t qualified to be dispensing medical advice! Check with your own doctor about the safest way to position your baby to 30 degrees

Baby reflux relief, infant reflux relief, acid reflux relief, colic relief, GERD relief. The first AR Pillow was created by a working mother for her baby to alleviate severe acid reflux in her infant son. The line developed as she heard from more and more mothers, and discovered that many adults who suffer from Acid Reflux have a genetic propensity to pass the condition along to their children. Using known research proving that positioning the body at a 30 degree angle dramatically reduces baby and infant reflux during and after feeding, she created the AR Pillow. This is now followed up by the 15 degree pillow to prevent colic and reflux symptoms while sleeping.