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Baby AR Pillow 15/30 degree Package

2 Wedge Pillows, Head Support, Med. Harness & 1 Pillowsheet

Baby AR Pillow is for babies 6-25 lb. It keeps your baby at a 30-degree angle to alleviate acid reflux and colic. The reflux baby in the photo is 8 lbs and is at the 30-degree angle wedge to provide relief! The ideal 30-degree angle — many competitive products or alternative solutions use inferior angles in their design — wedge designs with too small angles are a useless waste of money.


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This Baby AR Pillow Package contains 2 wedge pillows- one 15-degree wedge and one 30-degree wedge, 1 head support, 1 harness medium size, and 1 pillow sheet. Additional Harness (choice of S, M, L, or XL) are available separately see sizing below. Pillow dimensions are 20″W x 10″H(30-degree wedge) or 5″H (15-degree wedge) x19″L. Wedge pillow cover and harness are made of quilted cotton/poly material. The cover zips off for easy cleaning. The pillow sheets are 100% cotton. The Pillow is filled with a plant-based, Soy foam wedge. All AR Pillow products are assembled in the USA. Some babies find it difficult to sleep at 30 degrees but can’t sleep flat so we created the 15-degree wedge (all accessories from the Baby AR Pillow are removable for use on the 15-degree wedge pillow)

By utilizing the 30 and 15-degree wedges your baby will achieve the 30-degree angle in the Prone or Supine position in their crib.  Your baby can sleep safely and securely on a straight plane with the body and legs on the same plane.  The Prone and Supine, straight plane position, is usually only necessary for premature babies or babies with severe reflux  The crib mattress will not need to be elevated to a potentially dangerous height in the crib to achieve a 30-degree angle.  Place The 15-degree wedge on top of the mattress elevates the baby in the Prone or Supine position and the placement of the 30-degree wedge under the mattress elevates the mattress about 15 degrees.  This type of positioning does not put a strain on the infant’s groin.

The harness must come up to the Baby’s chest while on its back and up to just below its shoulder while on its stomach.  We sell 4 sizes of harness s-m-l-xl the harness pictured is medium. Make sure you can place a finger in the harness on the waist, chest, or back harness to ensure it is not too tight or loose.  Tug the harness to make sure it is secured well to the wedge and tug the wedge to ensure it is secured tightly to the crib.  We do not recommend Tummy sleeping unless recommended by the doctor or supervised by an adult.

We have 4 sizes available so please refer to the measuring chart so you get the size most suited to your baby (this product comes with the Medium harness). Harness sizes are not based on weight or age. The size is based on the length of the baby’s torso. To determine which size is best for your baby measure from the baby’s bottom up to the baby’s chest (underarm height) since the harness goes across the baby’s chest. You can purchase a harness that is longer than this length and roll it downward. Do not use a harness that is smaller than this length. The purpose of crossing the chest is to keep the baby securely in place so that he/she does not sit up or roll over.

Harness Size

Small-up to 11 inches torso length   

Important Facts: All AR Pillow wedge reflux products for babies are designed to safely and naturally relieve reflux & colic babies using the IDEAL 30-degree angle . . . they are MOST preferred by medical professionals and hospital feeding specialists for the following reasons:
Due to the safety features built-in — particularly, the removable & adjustable head ring which safely and securely supports the baby’s head — especially preemies & newborns MUST have their little heads held securely!!!! — AR Pillow products are designed with head rings (placed beneath the pillow sheet) with safety in mind!
The ideal 30-degree angle (and 15-degree wedge when 30 is too high or 45 degrees is needed) — many competitive products or alternative solutions use inferior angles in their design — wedge designs with too small angles are a useless waste of money (ineffective at best).
Cost-effective — the AR Pillow has a superior design with economies of scale built into the production lines providing an affordable natural solution for parents who want to help their babies to stop suffering. Additionally, some babies seem to take forever to grow out of their reflux — this pillow has 4 different sized harnesses so your baby will outgrow his/her reflux before he /she outgrows our pillow. Additionally, once the baby no longer needs the pillow the head ring, harness, and pillow sheet can be removed so that it can be used as a Child/Adult wedge for anyone in the family. Great for use when you have a cold, sinus issues, sleep apnea, or post-surgical elevation.


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